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#HashTag Burgers#

Le Burger Cafe

"Where Fresh Is Always Best"

HashTag Burgers Lounge About Us

HashTag Burgers pride ourselves on Excellent Customer Service

# Our Story “HashTag Burgers”

# Our Mission:

“To provide a quality hamburger that is reminiscent of a time when quality and freshness were the standard and not the exception”

# Our Vision:

Our vision is to make customers understand that it is possible to have a great burger and it not only taste great, but should be made with healthy ingredients.

# Our Image:

Our Team understands the image that HashTag Burgers wants to portray is one of excellence. From the moment the customer walks in the door till the moment they exit; the goal will be complete perfection. That perfection includes both service and taste.

Our Team realizes the customer has endless options on where to dine, so ensuring that our customers have a pleasant experience is of the utmost importance, since that insures a repeat customer as well as those that will come on that customer’s recommendation.

# Our Friends (Suppliers):

Our Team knows the importance of suppliers being able to provide HashTag Burgers a product that is consistent with the image we have created..  Our Chef works with area farmers and suppliers to insure that they are able to supply the restaurant, by using the following key items when deciding on a supplier:

              # Price

              # Delivery Time Consistency

              # Quality Availability

With our major concern being consistency, it is important that the customers receive the

same quality product they expect time after time.

# Our Commitment

It is the responsibility of everyone associated with HashTag Burgers to make

sure there are no problems with the product and/or service.

Quality service is also something all clientele expect, and it is usually the major factor in their decision whether or not to return to HashTag Burgers in the future.

Welcome To HashTag Burgers,

# Stephen 

#  Why Us?

# Farm to Venue Produce

# Organic Beef 

# Range Free Chicken 

# Buns Fresh Daily 

# Meat Never Frozen

# Customer Service       "Excellence"

# Family Environment 

# Cold On Tap IPA Beer 

# Chef Selected Wines 

# Sunday Brunch 

# World Class Chef 

# Support local Vendors

# Fries Made fresh

# Clean and Safe Environment 

# Friendly Staff

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